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Our Google Marketing Platform Offering

The Google Marketing Platform (GMP) Stack allows advertisers to run Display, Video and Paid Search campaigns seamlessly, strategically, and at scale. All of GMP’s products are powerful by themselves, but when used in combination, advertisers can truly create a consistent customer experience that will drive their business forward.

Platform Setup

We provide strategic implementation of Display and Video 360, Search Ads 360, Campaign Manager 360 & Google Analytics 360, including blueprints, audits of media and privacy practices.


We offer managed services for GMP, activating both online and offline first-party data to drive excellence, innovation and performance.


We help create effective digital advertising that generates strong engagement and expands your business's reach.


Our extensive experience allows us to provide the right balance of instruction and hands-on training through practical in-person or virtual workshops and sessions.

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The Google Marketing Platform Stack

GMP Stack (1)

Our Services

Campaign Manager 360 Licensing

Provision of License
CM360 Support
CM360 Blueprint
CM360 Account Hierarchy
CM360 Floodlights & Audiences Setup Plan
Advanced Data Projects

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Display & Video 360 Licensing

Provision of License
DV360 Support
DV360 Blueprint
DV360 Whitelist Feature Support
DV360 Best Practice 
Data Driven Creative

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Google Analytics 360 Licensing

Provision of License GA4 Audit
GA4 Blueprint
GA4 Measurement Plan
GA4 Activation Roadmap 
Advanced Data Projects

Search Ads 360 Licensing

Provision of License
SA360 Support
SA360 Blueprint
SA360 Audit
SA360 Strategic Roadmapping
Advanced Data Projects

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Google Marketing Platform Onboarding

Blueprint/ Architecture
GMP Network Request
GMP Solution Design
GMP Network Setup
GMP Training
Copilot Program

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Google Marketing Platform Ad Ops & Tagging

Campaign Trafficking
Floodlight and Audience Creation
Creative Approvals

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Google Marketing Platform Monthly Support

Monthly Support Retainer
Ad hoc Support
Pilot Co-pilot

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Digital Transformation Consultancy

Digital Maturity Workshops & Roadmaps
Digital Maturity Mini Labs

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Google Marketing Platform Training

DV360 Training

CM360 Training

SA360 Training

GA4 Training


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Did you know?

Learn digital marketing best practices by exploring how to utilize the robust tools within Google Marketing Platform fully.

Our blog and webinar series, hosted by industry experts and experienced marketers, provides actionable tips, in-depth guides, and valuable insights to help you maximize GMP. From audience targeting to campaign optimization and measurement/reporting, we cover many topics to empower businesses to drive results and achieve success. Whether you want to enhance audience targeting, improve campaign performance, or master data-driven marketing, our comprehensive GMP content will help you stay ahead and unlock the platform's full potential.

GA4 Masterclass  Improving Your Marketing Efforts and Reaching Your Business Goals GA4
GA4 Masterclass
  • 50 mins
SA360 Introduction SA360
Introducing the New SA360
  • 1 hour
Screenshot 2023-10-06 at 15.40.44 SA360
Value-Based Bidding in SA360
  • 1 hour
Templates SA360
SA360 Templates: Driving Campaign Efficiencies and Automation
  • 45 mins

What Our Clients Say

Incubeta was instrumental for our GA4 migration process. They got us pointed in the right direction for the migration, helped us whenever we hit roadblocks, and were excellent partners with us throughout the process.

Jenna Davis, Associate Director Digital Marketing, Ken Garff Automotive Group

Our partnership with Incubeta is crucial to the success of our digital marketing strategies. They introduce us to new products, dive into the data and help us with any client issues in an efficient manner.

Aspen Comar, Paid Media Director of Operations, Click Here Digital

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Incubeta is a transformative marketing partner fueling business growth through digital expertise, creative thinking, and innovation. With 800+ specialists across 22 global offices, we craft tailored digital solutions to empower advertisers and restore their authority over the customer experience. As a leader in digital marketing and one of four Global Google Marketing Partners, we enable brands big and small to solve complex challenges and drive success.