Being Platform First
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Start off on the Right Foot

The cornerstone of any successful GMP rollout is the initial setup phase. Incubeta have a tried and trusted method for ensuring that all GMP customers are set up for success.

We take your key business, marketing and platform objectives, and translate these into a bespoke onboarding plan designed to help you get the most out of the GMP from day 1.

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Our 4D Approach


Discovery sessions to ensure we understand your business and platform objectives.


Creation of a bespoke support plan and platform architecture that will set you up to reach your business objectives.


Execution of best practices and solution design in platform & rollout of training program to ensure your teams are ready to dive in.


Ongoing support to ensure your team is operating confidently and getting the most out of the tech.

Our GMP Onboarding Offering

Who is this for?

All advertisers who have licensed any product/s within the GMP Stack from Incubeta. Onboarding can be skipped by brands who have gone through an NTA and already have an existing set up that works well for their business. 

Service Offering Packages

What you get

  • A bespoke GMP onboarding plan, mapped to your specific business & marketing needs.
  • Best-in-class consultation regarding GMP architecture & structure.
  • Efficient execution of network transfers (NTAs), new network creation, & initial platform maturity roadmaps.
  • Initial platform training & knowledge transfer, and/or co-piloting of activation.


Timing depends on the scope of the onboarding but typical timing post contracting looks like: 
  • Solution Design including Advertiser, Naming Convention Setup, Floodlights and Audience Design: 1-2 Weeks
  • Implementation of Solution Design: 1 Week
  • Training: 1 Week (Ideally post implementation but can be done prior if required) 

Incubeta + Google


years of partnership

Our fully managed business is one 
of only 4 Global Sales Partners for GMP.

What this means for you:

Access to 250+ in-house platform specialists

Alignment with local Google markets to drive growth

Global quality standards across services

Other Services

GMP Monthly Support

The GMP Stack is a highly advanced set of marketing tools that can drive significant growth for any business. However, using it to its fullest requires expert support. Our flexible support model will enable you to seamlessly integrate the GMP Stack into your business. We will slot into your team and your business in a way that works best for you.

Digital Transformation Consultancy

Digital transformation drives fundamental change in how an organization operates, optimizes internal resources, and provides value to customers.

Determining how to provide a holistic and impactful Omni-Channel experience to customers can be challenging in an ever-changing business and market landscape and Incubeta can help you get there.

GMP Training

Adoption of the Google Marketing Platform stack enables brands to effectively leverage the combined efforts of technology, media, data and creative to drive key marketing objectives.
Incubeta aims to equip brands with the knowledge necessary to unlock the GMP’s full potential. We deliver bespoke training programmes to give your marketing teams the best chance of success. 


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